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What is Cam Tech School of Construction?

Cam Tech is Florida's premier exam preparation school for Florida Certified Contractors. Founded in 1992 by Cam Colon, Cam Tech focuses on teaching its students to pass the Florida Contractors exam while giving them a valuable education in the construction industry.

What exam prep courses do you offer?

In addition to the Business and Finance courses required for all Certified Licenses, we also offer exam preparation for the following technical categories: General, Building, Residential, Mechanical, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Roofing, Swimming Pool, Specialty Structures, Underground Utilities, and Solar.

How often are the Cam Tech prep courses offered?

Our two-part program is designed to fit around your busy schedule. We offer six full sessions per year to coincide with the paper and pencil State Exams. You can begin your program anytime by starting with our comprehensive Home Study Course Book and following that with our live classes featuring in-depth lectures and in-class practice exams. Classes are offered on weekends for your convenience. For more details, view our Class Schedule.

How many times can I come back to class?

For students enrolled in the complete course, your tuition is good for one (1) year. This means that you can go through our entire course before you test, and although most students don't need it, you are eligible to return to the next two sessions for no extra charge if you feel you need additional class time.

When do I have to register for the Cam Tech course?

You can sign up for class anytime before classes begin. However, the sooner you sign up for classes, the sooner you can begin on the comprehensive Home Study portion of your course.

How can I learn more about Cam Tech and register for the course?

Cam Tech offers several options, for your convenience, to meet with us and register for classes. You can visit our office and meet with an admission specialist, or speak with one on the phone by calling 800-875-PASS, or you can attend an upcoming Free Licensing Information Seminar. If you'd like to register online, click here.

Are there any benefits to attending a Free Licensing Information Seminar?

Yes. In about one hour, our Free Licensing Information Seminars will explain all aspects of the State Contractors Exam including how to register for the next exam, experience and activation requirements and our educational approach to prepare you to PASS your exam on the first attempt. We also offer discounts to students who register and pay in full at a Free Licensing Information Seminar. To reserve your spot at an upcoming Free Licensing Information Seminar call us at 800-875-PASS. If you'd like to register for an information seminar online, click here.

Are the Cam Tech classes offered during the week or on weekends?

Business & Finance and Technical classes are on the weekends. Click here for a detailed schedule.

What times are the Cam Tech classes held?

Business & Finance and Technical classes are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Click here for a detailed schedule.

What is the cost for the Cam Tech classes?

Tuition prices vary depending on your license category. Click here for details.

Does the tuition include the cost of the exam reference books?

No. The price for exam reference books varies by license category and can be found in our bookstore or during the registration process. For a complete list of exam reference books by licensing category, click here.

Does Cam Tech sell pre-highlighted books?

No. An integral part of the Cam Tech program is the comprehensive Home Study Course Book our students complete. By doing this work, the student not only gains the knowledge of how the exam questions are written and answered, but also becomes familiar with the information provided in each reference book. Both of these are essential to the student passing the exam the first attempt and utilizing pre-highlighted books would defeat the purpose.

Why is Cam Tech more expensive than other schools?

Cam Tech School of Construction offers far more than other schools with up to 3 times as many individual classes and each day of class is unique. There is no repetitive information.

Some schools try to squeeze a generic overview of the exam into only a weekend seminar. Cam Tech realizes that there is far too much information to absorb in just a few days. We make sure you are properly prepared for your exam to give you the best chance to pass on your first attempt.

Furthermore, we separate our technical classes by trade category, so you get individualized attention and you can focus on YOUR specific exam.

Some schools have begun offering practice exams, but they don't go over your practice exam with you. Cam Tech will. We offer a different practice exam every weekend, and we will not only show you the correct answers, but how to arrive at the correct answer.

We also offer the most up-to-date materials on the latest exams. Our staff includes former test writers who help to prepare our materials.

To learn more about what separates Cam Tech from the other schools, attend one of our Free Licensing Information Seminars.

What if I don't need the complete course?

If you currently hold a State Certified Contractors license and are looking to upgrade, or get an additional license, you would only need to take the technical portion of that license. Or, if you are re-taking the state exam and have already passed 1 or more parts, you would need to take the remaining parts of the Cam Tech program. For those students, we offer partial courses. Click here for a complete list of courses available from Cam Tech.

Does Cam Tech offer their program as a dedicated home study course?

The two-part Cam Tech program is designed specifically to give you the best opportunity to pass your state contractors exam on your first attempt, and while our comprehensive Home Study Course Book is a very important component in passing your exam, we know that it works best in our instructor-led classes. As such, the Home Study Course Book is not offered separately, but is included with your Cam Tech tuition.

Does Cam Tech offer a crash course?

No. The State Contractor’s Exam is something to prepare for, not cram for, and that is exactly how the Cam Tech program was designed. By completing the comprehensive Home Study Course Book and attending the instructor lead in class lectures and simulated practice exams you will be prepared to pass the FIRST time you take the exam.

Does Cam Tech guarantee that I will pass my test?

Over 90% of our students pass the state contractors exam on their first attempt. Today's state contractor exam is fair, and if you follow our 2-part program and put the work in, you should be successful. However, if you don't pass all parts of the state contractor exam on your first attempt don't worry, because Cam Tech allows you to return and retake the next two consecutive courses if needed.

Do you offer classes for the Florida Electrical License?

Cam Tech only offers classes for the Construction Industry Licensing Board examinations. Check out our Resource Page for the names of some schools that do offer Electrical license preparation.

Does Cam Tech offer classes for county licenses?

No, we only provide classes for State Certified Contractor's exams. We do, however, stock a variety of the required exam references for the county licenses. Call us at 800-875-PASS or visit our Online Bookstore to purchase your county exam references.

Do you offer classes in Spanish?

Our classes are only offered in English and the reference books required for the exam are written in English.

Nuestras clases se dan en ingles y los libros de consulta requeridos para el examen se escriben en ingles. No ofrecemos clases o curso particular en espanol.

Are there residency requirements to become a State Certified Contractor?

No. You do not need to be a resident of Florida, or of the United States, to take the Florida Contractors Exam or to become a Florida State Certified Contractor; nor does your work experience need to be in Florida or the United States. However, in order to activate your license, you do need to be eligible to work in Florida and/or the United States.

When and where is the State Exam offered?

The PLUMBING ONLY trade knowledge exams are given as PAPER & PENCIL tests in February, April, June, August, October, and December: These exams are administered by Professional Testing and offered in Orlando/Kissimmee.The business and finance portion of the exam and ALL other trade knowledge exams not listed above are given as COMPUTER BASED EXAMS and are administered by Pearson VUE at one of their 21 Florida locations. Unlike the trade knowledge exam for Plumbers, there is no set date to take the business and finance and trade knowledge exams, some testing centers are even open on Saturday.

How many parts are there to the State Certified Contractor's exam?

Two parts: business & finance and trade knowledge. Please note that for General, Builder and Residential candidates, the trade knowledge portion of their exam is broken down into two parts: Contract Administration and Project Management.

How long is the State Certified Contractor's exam?

There are two parts to the contractor exam: business & finance and trade knowledge.

The business & finance exam is a 6-1/2 hour, 120-question computer-based exam for all licensing categories except Pool Service, which is 3-1/2 hours and 60 questions.

The trade knowledge exam for General, Builder, Residential, and Plumbing consists of two 4 hour, 45 minute sections. All other trade categories are a single 4 hour, 45 minute section.

How much does it cost to take the State Certified Contractors Exam and how can I register to take it?

The exam cost for ALL categories remains $295 and you can apply for your exam with Professional Testing either online or by downloading the application here.

Whether applying online or with a paper application you will select your exam location, exam date and licensing category. For General, Builder, and Residential candidates, please select: Business & Finance, Contract Administration and Project Management. All other trade categories please select: Business & Finance and Trade Knowledge.
If you need help with your application, please call a Cam Tech representative at 800-875-PASS.

When do I have to apply State Certified Contractors Exam?

Applications must be received by Professional Testing at least 30 days prior to the test date for your trade category. For a list of application deadlines, click here .

Please note that since exam seating is limited and offered on a first-come basis, you are encouraged to apply early. Remember, getting your application in by the deadline does not guarantee you a seat for the exam.

Will Cam Tech help me with my exam application?

Cam Tech will be more than happy to assist you with your state exam application. click here Feel free to call us at 800-875-PASS with your exam application questions.

What is the minimum score I need to pass the State Certified Contractor's exam?

A minimum of 70% is required on all parts of your exam.

What if I don't pass all parts of the State Certified Contractor's exam the first time I take it?  Do I have to re-take the entire exam?

You only have to re-take the portion of the exam that you failed. Pursuant to Rule 61G4-16.009, Florida Administrative Code, states, “A candidate shall be required to retake only the tests on which he or she failed to achieve a passing score or failed to appear to take when scheduled.” Starting November 1, 2011, a candidate must pass all parts of the examination within four years of the first administration attempt.

Where can I obtain a Candidate Information Booklet?

Click here for the Candidate Information Booklet.

Where can I obtain a Construction Exam Reference List?

Click here for the Construction Exam Reference List.

Do I need to prove my construction experience prior to taking the State Certified Contractor's exam?

No. This is not required until you pass the exam and submit your application for licensure. For more details on activation requirements, call our office at 800-875-PASS.

What are the requirements to activate a State Certified Contractors License?

In addition to successfully passing all parts of the State Certified Contractors exam, the candidate must show four years experience in his licensing category, of which, one year must be in a supervisory capacity.

Please call our office at 800-875-PASS if you have any specific questions regarding a particular licensing category.

Can I substitute college experience or military service for practical experience?

Yes. You can substitute up to three years of practical experience for accredited college credit hours or military service (honorable discharge required).

Once I pass my exam, how long do I have to activate my license?

Once you pass all parts of your State Certified Contractor's exam you have 4 years to activate your license. This means that you can actually take your State Certified Contractor's Exam before you have fully completed your practical experience. For more questions about your experience, call a Cam Tech staff member at 800-875-PASS.

How do I verify my construction experience?

Upon successfully passing your State Contractors Exam you will complete and submit the initial Application for Licensure where you must provide a verifiable history of your practical experience in your licensing category.

What is the difference between a State Certified Contractor License and a State Registered Contractor License?

A State Certified Contractor's License is a license that can be used throughout the State of Florida whereas a State Registered license is only valid in the in the county in which it is registered.

The State defines 'Certified' as:  A 'certified contractor' means any contractor who possesses a certificate of competency issued by the department and who shall be allowed to contract in any jurisdiction in the state without being required to fulfill the competency requirements of that jurisdiction. Certified contractors are designated by an occupation code, which begins with the letter 'C'.

The State defines 'Registered' as:  A 'registered contractor' means any contractor who has registered with the department pursuant to fulfilling the competency requirements in the jurisdiction for which the registration is issued. Registered contractors may contract only in such jurisdictions. Registered contractors are designated by an occupation code, which begins with the letter 'R'.

For more information, view section Florida Statute, Chapter 489, Section 105, Part I.

What's the difference between a General Contractor, Building Contractor and Residential Contractor license?

A General Contractor is not limited to the size of the structure. To qualify for the General Contractor's License, you need 4 years of structurally-related experience, including 1 year experience in commercial structures a minimum of 4 stories in height.

A Building Contractor is limited to residential buildings and commercial buildings 3 stories or less. To qualify for the Building exam, you need 4 years of structurally-related experience, including 1 year experience in commercial buildings.

A Residential Contractor is limited to residential structures only, including single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes. To qualify for the Residential exam, you need 4 years of structurally-related experience, including 1 year experience in residential construction.

For more information, view section Florida Statute, Chapter 489, Section 105, Part I.

What's the difference between an Air Conditioning A and Air Conditioning B Contractor license?

An Air Conditioning A license has no restrictions on the size of units whereas an Air Conditioning B license is limited to 25 tons of cooling.

To qualify for an Air Conditioning A license, you need 4 years of air conditioning experience, including at least 1 year experience in systems in excess of 25 tons cooling and 500,000 BTU heating. To qualify for the Air Conditioning B license, you must have 4 years of air conditioning experience.

For more information, view section Florida Statute, Chapter 489, Section 105, Part I.

What is the difference between an active and an inactive State Certified Contractors License?

With an active license you may practice within your scope of work; with an inactive license, even though your license is current, you may not actively pursue work for which you are licensed.

How long are State Certified Contractors Licenses valid?

A Certified Contractor License is valid for two years and expires on August 31 of every even year (i.e. August 31, 2018).

Do I need Continuing Education to renew my State Certified Contractors License?

Yes. All contractors are required to take 14 hours of continuing education every two years in order to renew their licenses.

If you have any specific questions regarding continuing education or to register for the current Continuing Education Classes, click here or call our office at 800-875-PASS.

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