Cam Tech School of Construction was founded in 1992 by Cam Colon. With over 130 years of combined exam preparation experience, let Cam and his team of dynamic instructors help you prepare to PASS your State Certified Contractor’s Exam on your FIRST attempt.

CAM TECH offers more than three times the classes other schools offer. Our non-repetitive classes are taught by professional and experienced instructors and are individually tailored to your particular licensing category.  We could offer our classes like the other contractor exam preparation schools, where every weekend is the same and you have an open invitation to attend the same class, over and over, until you eventually pass the exam. But we don’t because we want you to learn what you need to know in order to pass one of the toughest contractors' exams in the nation the first time!

What really sets CAM TECH apart from the others is our distinct two-part preparation program consisting of our comprehensive Home Study Course Book and live weekend classes. The Home Study Course Book begins your program and allows you time to familiarize yourself with your reference books at your own pace; then we bring it all together for you in our weekend classes where, with live, hands-on instructors, we’ll focus on the key components of your licensing category so there are no surprises on exam day.   And when we test you each and every weekend with a different, simulated examination, we don’t simply hand out an answer sheet and leave you trying to figure out how to solve the complicated exam problems on your own. Instead, we work out each question, with you, step by step and show you how to arrive at the correct answers with our valuable shortcut techniques and time-saving exam strategies. And what further sets us apart from the other schools is that our technical classes are broken up by individual licensing categories so you will get the specific attention you need for your particular exam.

We know from our years of proven licensing preparation experience that there is no way to “cram” all the material needed for the state exam in just one or two weekends. Repetitive material or outdated DVD’s and online classes don't give you the focused assistance of the live instruction you will receive at Cam Tech.

As Florida's only traditional licensing exam preparation school, CAM TECH shows you how to PASS your Florida State Certified Contractor’s exam the FIRST time. Whether you are looking to acquire your first license, upgrade or get an additional license, or complete your required Continuing Education hours, Cam Tech School of Construction has you covered!

Call us at 800-875-PASS or join us for a Free Licensing Information Seminar and learn what sets Cam Tech apart from the other exam preparation schools.