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Don’t take our word for it.  Find out what Cam Tech students have to say about their Cam Tech School of Construction experience first-hand from classroom to exam room to Contractor License!

To the Staff at Cam Tech,
I wanted to thank all of you for being so terrific. You were there to guide us through the entire exam process. You were like our guardian angels who even showed up to the test site! That was just the inspiration I needed. I did everything Cam Tech told us to do: I paid my dues, did my Course Book, attended every class, studied and studied and BINGO.... PASSING GRADE ON THE EXAM!!!
Victoria Costa
Hudson, Florida

Dear Cam,
Thank you so much for the high quality, professional, Florida Residential Contractor Exam training. I passed my Florida State licensing exam the first time! I was very impressed with everyone on your staff. All the CAM TECH people that I met had an outstanding combination of professional demeanor and cordial behavior. They made me feel confident, right from the beginning, that I made the right decision when I came to Cam Tech for my exam training and that I would be successful if I followed the Cam Tech study plan. The entire Cam Tech staff was pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable; instructors and office staff alike. When I stopped by the Cam Tech office, simply looking for a reference book on construction material, I wasn't even thinking of obtaining my contractor's license even though I have the required experience. A member of your staff was the first person I met and I felt she was a wonderful representative of her company. She answered my questions, gave me just the right amount of independence to look around and asked others to help me. She was positive and encouraging when she told me about what the school does, how it does it and the costs. She was so "up-front" with all the facts, so pleasant, that I left there with a new idea planted firmly in my mind. I'm happy to say, I took the class and passed the State exam with flying colors.
Thanks again to you and all the great people at Cam Tech.
Jim Stephen
Tampa, Florida

Dear Cam,
I just passed my general contractor's exam! Your course and study guide was the reason that I passed. Thank you for your concern for your students and the professional manner in which you conducted all of the classes. I would highly recommend your course to anyone taking any of the exams for construction licenses and feel confident that they could pass the first time.
Mark W. House, Manager
Tampa, FL

I wanted to personally thank you for your Residential prep-course I just completed. I passed my exam the first time with a 95% average score. I'm very proud of myself for accomplishing such a huge and stressful task. Your course certainly prepared me and made me more comfortable. I liked how all the people who got out early were hauling white boxes with blue CAM TECH stickers on them. Everybody around me that didn't take your course said they actually did not learn anything. I think it's important to mention that not only did I get prepared for the test, but I actually LEARNED how to use my books and have become a better person because of it. Your competition doesn't do that and it CLEARLY shows.
David Schmidt
Tampa, Florida

Just wanted to thank you for the comprehensive training we received over the last class session in preparation for the state exams. I took the test for Residential Contractor, and while I remember you consistently saying "all you need is a 70 to pass", I'm happy to say that I exceeded my own expectations, making 96.25% on the Business & Finance, 82.22% on the Contract Administration and 86.67% on the Project Management. I am convinced that without the course I would not have been able to accomplish this task on the first try. Thank you very much.
David Hampton
Seffner, Florida

Dear Cam,
I want to thank you for teaching me everything I needed to know to pass my exam. You took the time to teach the materials I needed. You gave me the confidence to study hard and do all the homework. Your instructors were the greatest!  They took the extra time to make sure that students understand the material. I took the October test in Orlando and I PASSED the first time. I was so excited, I will always recommend CAM TECH to anyone I speak to about getting state licensed. I can't thank you enough! You have opened up new doors for me.
Terrance P. Fox
Lakeland, Florida

Happy Contractors

I attended all classes and did the Course Book as instructed. I also completed all Practice Exams. I was blown away when I received a 97.5% on the Business and Finance and a 93.75% on the Trade Knowledge for the Roofing Contractor's exam. Thanks!
Charles Bud Elder
Palm Bay, Florida

Thank you for the knowledge you shared with me. I passed the test on my first try. I would like to personally thank your instructors as they are excellent and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure doing business with Cam Tech School of Construction. Everyone was very professional. I would recommend Cam Tech to anyone taking the test. I would like to add that I am proof that if your students pay attention in class and do the take-home work the test is passable on the first attempt.
Thanks to Cam Tech and Associates.
John A. Bill
Ft. Myers, Florida

The amount of information provided was presented very straightforward. No fluff! It's serious business and demands a professional approach. Without Cam Tech I would have been easily overwhelmed. Thanks for caring! All my instructors get an "E" for excellence: very professional, timely, and "to the point." I was pleased with the entire course!
Thomas Moreno
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

I really don't think I would have passed this exam on the first try without Cam Tech. So many people I know have taken other schools' courses and still haven't passed! Excellent program!
Taci L. Lyden
Clermont, Florida

Cam Tech is awesome!!!! I was so prepared for my exams it was unreal!! To be 22 years old and be a licensed HVAC Class Contractor is a huge accomplishment.  I owe it all to Cam Tech.
The Cam Tech instructors are outstanding with their helpful tips and test-taking strategies.  I went into the exams fully confident that I had what it took to get the passing grades.  Thanks Cam Tech!
Thomas Tomarelli
Ocoee, FL

Cam Tech gave me the right tools I needed to pass.  I tried an online school that didn’t even compare to Cam Tech.  You gave me the confidence to succeed.  All the instructors were very helpful and willing to help.  Thanks!
Jason Wood
Tampa, FL

Having the chance to speak to a lot of people who were in Orlando for the technical test gave me a chance to really appreciate how good Cam Tech really is.  In comparison, I think that the standards of your educational goals for the tradesman and woman are paramount to the standards of others.  Thank you so much for everything.  For the record, don’t forget about Kathy and all the staff at the office; they were informative, full of encouragement and did an excellent job to help me along.  Kudos!
Karen Shapiro
Tampa, FL

Cam Tech, thank you very much for your help.  I put this off for several years because I didn’t think I could pass the first time; well, I did.  I put in a lot of work at home and it paid off.  I did everything your system said and it worked well for me.  Thanks! 

Steve Scrivens
Dade City, FL

Worth every penny, I passed all parts on my first try!  At least 85-90% of the questions on the tests I had seen in either the course book or classes and practice tests.  I would recommend this course to anyone.  Instructors are first class!

Norm Hutchings
Tampa, FL

I just passed my technical exam for plumbing and was so nervous that my hands were shaking.  I took all the advice and all I was taught from your classes and was able to achieve a 90% out of 100 on my test.  Thank you so much Cam Tech!

James Currie, Jr.
Naples, FL

You guys are the best!  If it weren’t for the prep classes, the homework, and the in-depth instruction, I wouldn’t have made it.  I saw so many other individuals who were struggling to get through the test, and I was able to keep my composure and tactfully maneuver through it.  I did what you said and I passed; first time for the residential, and again for the general.  I can’t thank you enough.  If anyone is serious about getting a state license, they need to take your course.  I’m thinking about the roofing license next, so you may just see me again!
Michael Lezcano
Tampa, FL

I took the contractor’s exam after the classes offered by Cam Tech and I PASSED THE FLORIDA STATE GENERAL CONTRACTOR’S EXAM THE FIRST TIME.  I’ve been in the construction industry for twenty-three years.  My advice to future students is to forget what you know, forget what you think you know, and listen to the instructors.  Follow all instructions, tips, and advice that are offered.
Although the state exam is tough, Cam Tech is tougher.  You will be ready to take the test you are studying for.

Mark McPheron
Bokeelia, FL


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