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For the 2018 renewal period Cam Tech offered multiple options for Continuing Education.

We held one (1) LIVE session of Continuing Education courses on June 23 and 24, 2018 in Tampa at the Sheraton East located at 10221 Princess Palm Avenue.

Make sure we have your current email address or check this page periodically for exact dates, location, price, and registration details.


LIVE Required and General Subjects Course June 23 & 24
Complete your hours at one time, in one place, and enjoy a hot buffet lunch!

COMPLETE LIVE COURSE (14 hours) - $275.00

REQUIRED SUBJECTS COURSE (Saturday 06/23 - 7 hours) - $175.00

GENERAL SUBJECTS COURSE (Sunday 06/24 - 7 hours) - $175.00


ONLINE Required and General Subject Courses
Complete some or all of the hours you need on your schedule!

14 HOUR COURSE (includes 6 REQUIRED and 8 GENERAL courses) - $149.00

7 HOUR COURSE (includes 6 REQUIRED courses and 1 GENERAL course) - $118.00

ONLINE and LIVE Course Combinations
Complete some hours ONLINE, then some LIVE... your choice! Call to register for this option.

LIVE REQUIRED (Saturday 06/23 - 7 hours) & ONLINE GENERAL (7 hours) - $249.00

ONLINE REQUIRED (7 hours) & LIVE GENERAL (Sunday 06/24 - 7 hours) - $249.00


Register online by clicking the COURSE SCHEDULE link (left side of screen) and choosing your option.




  • You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each day you are in attendance.
  • The Continuing Education provider has up to 30 days to post your Continuing Education hours.
  • To submit your hours properly (following the DBPR/CILB format) it will take approximately 2 weeks.
  • Once submitted it takes approximately 1 week for the DBPR/CILB to post your hours.


  • Upon completion of the course, the online director will be alerted. The director will review your course log and issue a distance learning certificate of completion, if requested, to the email address provided at registration within five business days.
  • The Continuing Education provider has up to 30 days to post your Continuing Education hours.
  • To submit your hours properly (following the DBPR/CILB format) it will take approximately 2 weeks.
  • Once submitted it takes approximately 1 week for the DBPR/CILB to post your hours.



Renew your Contractors License by mail (completing the renewal form mailed by the CILB) or, renew online at following the prompts for “Renew a License” and pay your license renewal fee.

You do not need to have your CE hours posted or CE certificate to renew your license. Once your hours are posted, your new license will be mailed to you.

Paperless Licensing, effective 05/04/2018

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation in the State of Florida has implemented an innovative way to expedite the licensing process for construction contractors. The Department will no longer be mailing licenses upon issuance, as licensees can now print their licenses by logging into their secure online account with the Department. This will allow new licensees to enter the work force at least 7 to 10 business days early, whereas, in the past, they would have to wait for the license to arrive in the mail. In addition to new licenses, this process will allow licensees to renew online and print the license at their convenience, as well as print duplicate licenses as needed without paying a fee.


Per the requirements laid out in Florida Statute 489.115 and CILB Rule 61 G4-18.001, ALL registered and certified contractors are required to complete fourteen (14) hours of continuing education each renewal cycle.

Of the fourteen (14) hours, one (1) hour shall be required in each of the following topics:

  • Workplace safety (WPS)
  • Business practices (BP)
  • Workers’ compensation (WC)
  • Laws and rules regulating the construction industry (LR)
  • Wind mitigation methodologies (WMM)
  • Specialized or advanced module course (ADV)

The remaining hours may include any of the aforementioned subject matter or general (GEN) topics such as; business, trade, workers’ compensation, laws and rules related to the construction industry, or safety topics relevant to the construction industry.

Per the requirements laid out in CILB Rule 61 G4-18.001(9), a person is not required to complete any continuing education requirements for the year in which a certificate or a registration is initially issued. Any person who obtains a certificate or a registration more than 12 months prior to the end of a biennial period is required to complete seven hours of approved continuing education as a condition of the first renewal of the certificate or registration.

  • If you received your license AFTER 09/01/2017, then you need 0 hours of CE.
  • If you received your license BETWEEN 09/01/2016 AND 08/31/2017, then you need 7 hours of CE.
  • If you received your license PRIOR to 08/31/2016, then you need 14 hours of CE.

Per the requirements laid out in CILB Rule 61 G4-18.001(11), a person is not required to complete any of the above continuing education requirements while his or her license is in an inactive status. However, registrants and certificateholders who change licensure status from inactive to active must show proof of completion of fourteen (14) hours of continuing education as required for active renewal for the biennium previous to the requested license activation.



The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is responsible for the oversight of home inspectors. There is no professional board.

The DBPR has made changes to the reciprocation between CONTRACTOR licensing continuing education and HOME INSPECTOR continuing education.

They will no longer allow CONTRACTOR continuing education to cross over for HOME INSPECTOR continuing education credits unless the course being credited deals with specific components of the home.  Here are the CE guidelines for your HOME INSPECTOR continuing education requirements, as per the state:

Both active and inactive licensed professional home inspectors are required to complete 14 hours of continuing education credits for renewal.  The continuing education must include 12 hours of general continuing education courses and 2 hours of hurricane wind mitigation which shall include training on completion of the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form.

For general continuing education courses, course topics concerning home inspection services or the components of a home, including the limited visual examination of the following readily accessible installed systems and components of a home for the purpose of providing a written report of the condition of the home; the structure, electrical system, HVAC system, roof covering, plumbing system, interior components, exterior components, and site conditions that affect the structure.

The required two (2) hours of instruction regarding hurricane mitigation training shall include training on completion of the “Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form,” OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/12), incorporated by reference in Rule 69O-170.0155, F.A.C. (eff. 2/1/12).



Cam Tech would like to thank all the students and each of the speakers that came out during the 2018 renewal period for our live classes;

Dan Jenkins, Grapple Hook, 813-877-4665

Carl York, Plan B Diversified Services,

Ed "Tall Ed" Collins, Construction Pros, 800-685-0027 x3

Paul Kelly, Paul Kelly, P.A., 727-327-3935

Christopher S. Furlong, P.A., 727-327-3935

Brian J. Dean, Sunshine 811, 727-424-7778

Samantha E. Abraham, My Paper Pusher, 813-279-2752

R. Shawn McBride, McBride for Business, 214-418-0258





Required Subjects Course (available LIVE - 0610422, 0612649 or ONLINE - 0611170, 0612648) Includes; Contractor Licensing Law, Florida Lien Law, Advanced FBC Significant 2017 Code Changes, Wind/Hurricane Damage Mitigation, Workplace Safety, and Worker’s Compensation

General Subjects Course (available LIVE - 0612647, 0610423 or ONLINE - 0611181, 0611180, 0611179, 0611178, 0611177, 0611176, 0611188, 0611186, 0611185, 0611187, 0611184, 0611183, 0611175, 0611174, 0611173, 0611172, 0611171) LIVE Course Includes; Common Florida Building Code Violations, Planning for the 4 Ds, Accounting for the Contractor, Insurance and Exposure Risk for Contractors, OSHAs Multi-Employer Citation Policy, Marketing for Contractors



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